Nightlase for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Snoring may be a sign of a more serious condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). OSA is characterized by multiple episodes of breathing pauses greater than 10 seconds at a time, due to upper airway narrowing or collapse.

Sleep Apnoea has serious health risks such as;

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack

How does Amazing Dental helps to treat sleep disorders?

In Amazing Dental, we are targeting one type of sleep disorder: Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

In simple terms, OSA occurs when one or more of these areas are blocked during sleep:

  1. Nostril
  2. Inside the nose
  3. Back of the nose/mouth (Naso- and Oro-pharynx)
  4. Back of the tongue (Laryngopharynx)

Most commonly, the blockage occurs in areas 3 and 4.

Some common dental symptoms from OSA are:

  • Grinding teeth during sleep (Bruxism)
  • Teeth/Fillings fractures
  • Jaw and Face pain
  • Teeth crowding

Some common systemic (body) symptoms from OSA are:

  • Snoring
  • Excessive Day-Time Sleepiness
  • Speech problem
  • Cardiovascular disorders; eg high blood pressure, heart attach, stroke.
  • Endocrine disorders; eg diabetic, sexual dysfunction, obesity.
  • Psychological disorders; eg behavoural problem and poor school work in children/ young adults as well as anxiety, depression and poor concentration.

Nightlase® Technology for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Nightlase® is a recent technology that uses laser to stimulate and reactivate the collagen-lying cells around naso- and oro-pharynx, as well as around the tongue. These cells then form new collagen and tighten up primarily the soft palate (area 3) and some parts of the tongue (area 4), therefore reducing snoring and improving OSA.

The treatment usually involves 3 x 30 mins sessions. It is a non-invasive procedure. Most patients will experience a warm sensation during treatment and have minimum recovery time (within a couple of hours).

Similar to toning up muscles or tightening up the skin, the responses from Nightlase® treatments can vary. Some patients can see and feel the changes immediately, while others may take a few days to weeks. The effects after the whole treatment usually last 1-2 years, depending on patient’s lifestyle and elasticity of the original tissues.


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Before attending your appointment with Amazing Dental for Nightlase Consultation Appointment, we ask that all our patients download SnoreLab (click link to download).
Once you have downloaded the app. We ask that you use the app to record 2-3 nights of your sleep prior to your appointment.

As well as completing our Snoring and Sleep Apnoea questionnaire (click link to download).
Once you have completed the questionnaire, you are then required to bring it with you to your next appointment at Amazing Dental, or forward it to us via email;

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