Crowns & Bridges

Our dentists at Amazing Dental can restore the natural look of your smile, with natural-looking replacements for any lost crowns or missing teeth you may have.

Help you keep your teeth stronger for longer. They are often used when the tooth has been damaged through a variety of reasons. Dental crowns are recommended for badly stained teeth, to replace a large fillings, after dental implants, to cover a cracked tooth and stop it from fracturing, and at the conclusion of root canal treatment.


  • All-ceramic white crowns
  • Digitally designed
  • Same say fabrication
  • Strong materials

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Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is just that – a false tooth to bridge the gap left behind by a missing tooth. Dental bridges are crucial to prevent your teeth from drifting out of position, not to mention to restore the full look of your smile.

Many of our patients are initially concerned about how dental bridges could affect how they eat or speak. Actually, because dental bridges act to replace missing teeth, they should make it easier for you to chew, distribute the force of your bite, and pronounce sounds.

We recommend regular check-ups even once you’re past the post-treatment phase of getting your dental bridge. With good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, you can make your dental bridges last ten to fifteen years, or even longer.

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